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  • Are you behind in payments and facing a foreclosure of your home?

    We might be able to help! We understand that going through foreclosure process, risking to lose your home and ruin your credit is a dramatic experience. It's also a huge financial burden. The simplest way to stop the foreclosure process is by bringing the loan current. That typically requires a large lump sum of cash to cover: * All missing payments, * Late fees, * Attorney's fees, * Very often the cost of inspections and appraisals is also added, * Sometimes the title report costs are added. Often the pain of trying to deal with uncooperating lenders and their lawyers is too much to bear emotionally in addition to the financial stress. There are different ways to deal with foreclosure which we'll cover in the section below. For some home owners in foreclosure the financial burden and the emotional pain is so high - they prefer to leave and start from scratch at a new place of residence. In that applies to you - the best alternative that will minimize the impact on your credit is to sell the property to a professional buyer who has funds and can perform. If you already have made up your mind about selling your home now, click the "Contact This Agent" button at top of page or simply call our office toll free 888-636-7776. Would Like To Try and Keep The Home, But Have No Money to Stop Foreclosure? If you're interested in staying in the home and YOU HAVE A LOT OF EQUITY we might be able to offer you a plan where we put up the money to bring the loan current and stop the foreclosure while you'll be able to stay in the home. If this option interests you, please call our office right away to discuss it. Not Sure Yet What To Do? If you don't know what your options of dealing with foreclosure are and haven't yet decided what you want to do about it - we recommend getting our FREE Report. FREE Special Report Reveals: "7 Ways To Stop Foreclosure" This report is for you. There are some things you CAN do to stop foreclosure and save your credit. Now, there are no miracles, not all of the methods described in this report will be applicable to your situation. If you have no equity in your home, and you have not made payments for over 12 months, you have already filed bankruptcy and fallen behind on your plan, the strategies outlined in the report will not be helpful to you. If, however, your situation is not that dramatic, there are still some steps you can take to avoid foreclosure. Hence the Short Sale ! What is a short sale ? A short sale is an "arrangement" between the current owner of a home, or in most cases an expert in the short sale help niche of the business, and their lender (bank) to buy their home for less than the total amount owed to pay off the home. The "deficiency" is the difference between the amount owed and what the bank may collect at the short sale A Short Sale offers a way out of debt and leads to a fresh start. Listed below are some of the reasons to conduct a Short Sale: 1. Erase a large debt 2. Get debt free fresh start 3. Minimize damage to credit 4. Take charge over the foreclosure process 5. Avoid eviction 6. Allow yourself the option to move anywhere you want without having the burden of a bad credit making it difficult to rent or buy. **WHEN FACING FORECLOSURE TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE **YOU MUST ACT FAST **YOU HAVE OPTIONS--------------ONE OF THEM IS CONTACTING KEMP A. HOOPER !!! Click the "Contact This Agent" Button at the top of this page or Call Toll Free 888-636-7776


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